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Legendary mince / grind core form Belgium teams up with Croatian harcore / crust. Essential!!

A1 Agathocles– What For?
A2 Agathocles– Dope, Dole, Dumb
A3 Agathocles– Your Standards
A4 Agathocles– Fist The Rapists
A5 Agathocles– Sack The Gatt
A6 Agathocles– Cash And Traps
A7 Agathocles– Fucking Right (We’re Left)
A8 Agathocles– Last In, First Out
A9 Agathocles– Lowlife Scumbags
A10 Agathocles– Violence & Pure Hate (I Am)
B1 Fight Back (2)– Fuck The Fashion
B2 Fight Back (2)– Multinationals Fuck Off
B3 Fight Back (2)– Bullets For The Rich
B4 Fight Back (2)– Radnička Pravda
B5 Fight Back (2)– Working Class Attack
B6 Fight Back (2)– System Song
B7 Fight Back (2)– No To Nazis
B8 Fight Back (2)– Iconofear Written-By – Warning (6)
B9 Fight Back (2)– A Look At Tomorrow Written-By – Discharge
B10 Fight Back (2)– Nightmare Just Begun