ANGERPATH “Forgotten World” CD

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On Polish music market – as well as on the other music markets we can observe many reissues. But not every diamond is found yet! One of them is – now shining debut album from Angerpath. Oryginally released back in 2007 after all those years still sounds fresh and it is definitely worth of picking it up!

For this reedition the whole album was remixed, refreshed with a completely new sound and mix of the drums – so now the album gets hi-quality touch and gets sound of „a new life”.

Angerpath is a combination of line-ups of prog-metal band NeWBReeD together with Pachu of Hostia as a vocalist. So naturally we can hear melodies, groove and enough hard punch with an old school growl!

No stylish suprises here, but on „Forgotten World” you will hear years of experience with instruments and on the stages! Still – you will get something special from that.
CD will be released as jewel case + fat booklet + slipcase.

The album gets also totally new graphic looks by the voice of the band – Łukasz „Pachu” Pach.

In the veins of: Edge Of Sanity, Bloodbath, Grave, Entombed, (old) Paradise Lost, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, At the Gates, Vader, Gorefest, (old) Anathema, (old) My Dying Bride, Death, Yattering, Demise, Napalm Death…