AT THE GATES “The Nightmare Of Being” LP

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The undisputed masters of Swedish death metal have always been driven by the fearless power of creativity. Founded in 1990 in Gothenburg, they have become one of the most important forces of underground metal that has reached the horizon of heavy music fans around the world.

“The Nightmare of Being” is the most perfect album of At The Gates to date. It is an exploration of the concept of dark revelations and pessimistic philosophy.


1. Spectre of Extinction (04:49)
2. The Paradox (04:43)
3. The Nightmare of Being (03:49)
4. Garden of Cyrus (04:25)
5. Touched by the White Hands of Death (04:07)
6. The Fall into Time (06:45)
7. Cult of Salvation (04:24)
8. The Abstract Enthroned (04:26)
9. Cosmic Pessimism (04:31)
10. Eternal Winter of Reason (03:38)