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DISCHARGE “1980-1986” LP

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Stoke on Trent D-Beat pioneers, Discharge, reshaped hardcore punk to their own vicious devices on the seminal 1982 debut full-length, ‘Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing’, before careening into a controversial metallic style on the 1986 sophomore effort, ‘Grave New World.’ These were the Clay Records days, and to fully immerse oneself and appreciate the progressive machinations that went on behind the scenes, this demo compilation provides curbstomping, confrontational insight. Limited to 200 copies, and re-pressed for lifers and retrospective scholars alike, by reliable punk deep divers Radiation Records, here’s an ample opportunity to bone up on the origins of one of the most abrasive to ever do it.

Black vinyl. Gatefold sleeve / Radiadion Reissues.