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DIUNA “Golem” CD

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“Golem” is the second full-length album by Diuna (Poland).

“Golem” contains twelve tracks, created to tell the story about exclusion, exploitation, power, and apocalyptic consequences of such practices. The legend of Golem of Prague is itself a story about creating artificial, soulless, yet physically potent being capable of protection of the oppressed; we dare to ask a questions: can artistic creation serve the same purpose? Is it enough to construct a shield of protection, or is it the matter of social actor to stand for himself directly, not through such erzatz? We do not posess direct answers, but proudly present an object made with intent to be a starting platform in search of those.

Music & lyrics by Diuna:
Konstanty Mierzejewski – vocals
Jakub Didkowski – drums
Malies Klipiun – bass
Patryk Mitzig – guitars

Recorded, mixed & mastered in Kongo Studio by Jacek Stasiak
(except for vocals – track 4, recorded in VIP Studio by Łukasz Milewski)

Cover photo: Mania Łukaszewska
Graphic design: Adam Bejnarowicz / Muzykografika