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8 years after the release of their previous album, Epitome are back with a new album. The legendary band has prepared 17 completely new numbers. Twisted, mechanical grind clashes with pure death metal and leaves ashes. Nothing more.

The CD released in a standard jewel case + 16-page booklet + slipcase.

1. Rotend
2. Gorelucidnations
3. Mental Rampage – Mental Carnage
4. A Modern Lobotomy (A Perilous Confession)
5. The Brain
6. Hey You! Broadcast This Bloody Vomit!
7. Infestation Of A Wormic Soul
8. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
9. Total Underground
10. Die! Motherfucker! Die!
11. Gagged
12. Preachers Of Turmoil
13. Colorado Beetle
14. Pathomechanism
15. TBX
16. Left For Dead
17. Children Of The Rot