FINAL STRIKE „Przeznaczenie” CD

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1. Bądź Twardy
2. Przeznaczenie
3. Sens Życia
4. Walczę
5. Strach
6. Oni Trwają Na Wieki
7. Wokół Nas Ból
8. Urodzony Morderca
9. Twoja Świadomość
10. Idziemy Dalej
11. Final Strike

The official debut of the team from Gryfino are eleven numbers that will knock anyone who likes hardcore with a firecracker to their knees. The sound of this material is the resultant of the bands: 1125 (the period of Nieugieci, Płonie Mi Trzeci) and H.N.D.M., but fans of, for example, Self Respect or early Frontside may also like them. The whole thing is recorded in Polish, which is an additional advantage for supporters of Polish lyrics.