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“Forge Of Clouds were founded in 2008 in Silesia, you know that region has always been at a high level musically. If not blues, then metals. And in the case of the FOC, it was the latter option. The band existed until 2013 and managed to release two LPs during that time. Unfortunately, as it sometimes happens, the group suspended their activities after the release of their second album. Of course, the musicians did not hang their instruments on the wall (or sell them) and continued to play under The Burrow banner. In 2016 it was time to dust off the name Forge Of Clouds, but the band was still quiet. The actual period of reactivation of the line-up turned out to be 2018, when a new vocalist joined the line-up, Wojtek, known, among others, from the band Mentor and J.D. Overdrive. ”