FRONTSIDE “Moja Własna Tolerancja” LP

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Vinyl reissue of material released by Enigmatic in 1997. Sosnowiec Hardcore In Your Face !!! It was the beginning of a new direction in the band’s development and an album that was very important for the scene at that time. One of the songs features a guest appearance by Skankan.

black vinyl 150pcs.

gold vinyl 80pcs. (sold out)

A1 Gardens of Partnership
A2 Proverb
A3 Devil’s Soul
A4 Bastions of Stupidity
A5 Satire On Drunken Peasants And Circus
A6 Agglomerations
B1 Alarm!
B2 Batman Hero
B3 Capture That Shadow
B4 Veins
B5 Sosnowiecki Song