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FROZEN SOUL “Encased In Ice” LP

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After the huge success of their first full album “Crypt of Ice” released in 2020, FROZEN SOUL – masters of death metal return with a vinyl reissue of their original 2019 demo EP. “Encased in Ice” features four previously unreleased bonus tracks. Released on 180g vinyl with an additional A2 poster and brand new artwork.


Side A
1. Encased in Ice (Demo Version)
2. Hand of Vengeance (Demo Version)
3. Witches Coven (Demo – Cover Version)
4. Merciless (Demo Version)

Side B
1. Tormented by Time
2. Mandatory Suicide (Cover Version)
3. Morbid Devourment (Cover Version)
4. Crypt of Ice (Demo Version)