FUCK IT… I QUIT “The war ritual” LP

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These are rites of extreme love and hate… ritual noise against the inhumane and uncaring. Hymns for the possible world. Fill your hearts with rage and hope, and then go out and destroy: Evangelical Christians, men’s rights activists, billionaire slave drivers, pedophile priests, fascists, psychotic police, factory farmers, rapists, nationalists, bankers and oil barons… Everyone that would crush your mind, poison your body, and see you driven so low that they might take and take with impunity until there’s nothing left; everyone that would steal from the Earth, giving back only misery and destruction; everyone that thinks they’re infallible and nothing could ever challenge their power. Take them all down by whatever means necessary. Bow to no one. Submit to no one. There is perhaps some kind of hope in all this madness… some reason to keep struggling on and on into the perpetual tomorrow. If only we fight. This is a war, this is Fuck It…I Quit! 22 songs of rage. Guest featuring by Brian Baker (Dag Nasty, Bad Religion) and Eva Genie (Gather, Rats In The Wall). Co-release between Atomic Action Records (US) and Refuse Records (EU).