GRIN “A Scanner Darkly + Promo ’98” CD

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21 years since GRIN’s formation and first rehearsal, it’s time for the bands first official release in cooperation with Deformeathing Production.

“A Scanner Darkly” will also include the “Promo ’98” as a bonus.

The line up features present and former members of bands such as Ghost, Yattering, Blindead and Trauma.

Refined, precise technical Thrash / Death / Groove Metal inspired by Voivod, Coroner and Mekong Delta, but not without their own individual touch.
“A Scanner Darkly” was recorded at Complex Studio in Gdańsk by Mateusz Machnikowski.

“Promo ‘98” is an unreleased recording from Red Studio in Gdańsk, engineered by Piotr Łukaszewski.

The mastering of both recordings was done exclusively for the DP release by Satanic Audio (Piotr Gruenpeter).

Cover art and layout was created by Mentalporn studio (Piotr Kurek).