HOSTIA “Carnivore Carnival” LP

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Contrary to doubts, Hostia is a new quality on the Polish (and not only) scene. A fresh look at playing the mix between grindcore and death metal, not without brutality, precision, weight, a reasonable dose of hitness and a balanced pinch of groove.

The whole thing is provided with great sound for which Paweł ‘Janos’ Grabowski (Antigama, Masachist, Obscure Sphinx, Riverside) is responsible.

Cover prepared by Pachu Design (Łukasz Pach) (Kat, Acid Drinkers, Frontside).

When throwing a few names that evoke associations, one should mention such teams as Nails, Napalm Death, Lock Up, Terrorizer or Cattle Decapitation.

12 ”Black Vinyl (limited to 100 copies) packed in a solid gatefold + download code.