HOSTIA “Resurrected Meat” MCD

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Death/grind quartet Hostia returns with the mini-album “Resurrected Meat”. 6 premiere tracks + “Chvrch Bvrner” song remixed by Natalia Zamilska. The material was recorded by Paweł “Janos” Garbowski “JNS Studio”. Haldor Grunberg “Satanic Audio” is responsible for the production. The graphic design was handled classically by Łukasz Pach “Pachu Design”. “Resurrected Meat” will be released on CD in a limited edition of 500 copies. Jewel case + slipcase edition with gold varnish.

1. Wishmaster
2. Bury The Lies
3. Bow To Me
4. Christ’s Soldiers And Other Delusional Disorder
5. Basement Spa
6. Resurrected Meat
7. Chvrch Bvrner (Zamilska Remix)