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LA AFERRA “Program” CD

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LA AFERRA – another band whose popularity never broke the bubble of the independent hardcore punk scene of the 1990s. What a pity. The people of Kalisz could share passion, sincerity and emotions with the small festival. When the cassettes “In our naked faces” (NNNW, 1994) and “…for the Earth” (N.I.C., 1994) were released, they were already one of the bands invited to stage concerts all over the country. By the time they recorded their next studio material, they had become one of the most recognizable. The result was the cassette “La programo” and the vinyl “The Earth is dying – wake up!” (NNNW, 1996). The band emphasized their connections with ecology (on vinyl they presented the Pracownia Na Rzecz Wszystkich Stoty – an association still operating today that initiated the deep ecology trend in Poland), promoted Esperanto (hence the title and lyrics in this language), they were “sceners” to the core . They managed to drive to Nysa for the oatmeal festival to prepare vegan food without the “religious spread” offered in the Krishna tent. They didn’t even mind the absence of one of the band members – on the concert cassette “…for Earth II”, the drummer was replaced by the then drummer Oi Polloi.

At that time, the band began to experiment with a heavier sound, and fascination with groups such as Sepultura and Neurosis could be heard at concerts. The recording of the next, as it turned out to be, farewell album, “Miłość”, was marked by the musicians’ personal turmoil. Dark, monumental, very different from previous productions bursting with spontaneous optimism. A CD and cassette were released by NNNW in 1999, and a vinyl reissue thanks to DIY Koło and Atman Music was released 17 years later.

The band’s discography was supplemented by a cassette shared with the band Yspaddaden Penkawr and a joint vinyl single (with a song from the “Miłość” session) with the band Głos Wschody Sun,

The band played about 300 concerts, visited most of the country’s stage oases, and also performed in Finland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia. In the spring of 1997, they played the “Arłamów route” alongside Dezerter – promoting the idea of establishing the Turnicki National Park in the Przemyśl Foothills (in cooperation with Pracownia) – efforts to create it are still ongoing, and the park has the status of “invisible”.

In cooperation between NNNW / DIY Koło, we present songs selected by the band from the first two studio materials on double vinyl (in a single, black version) and CD.

Remaster – Jędras (Riot Studio).

1-12 from the cassette “La Programo” (NNNW 44, 1996)
1,2,4,6,7,8,11 also in “The Earth Is Perishing – Wake Up!” LP (NNNW 42, 1996)
13-25 from the cassette “In Our Nagich Twarzach” (NNNW 20, 1994)