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NAPALM DEATH “Utilitarian” LP

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British pioneers of grindcore, Napalm Deatch never slowed down. They have released 16 studio albums in 4 decades, and now it’s time to re-release “Utilitarian”. Originally released in 2012, it is now being released on CD and LP.


Side A
1. Circumspect
2. Errors In The Signals
3. Everyday Pox
4. Protection Racket
5. The Wolf I Feed
6. Quarantined
7. Fall On Their Swords
8. Collision Course

Side B
1. Orders of Magnitude
2. Think Tank Trials
3. Blank Look About Face
4. Leper Colony
5. Nom De Guerre
6. Analysis Paralysis
7. Opposites Repellent
8. A Gag Reflex