NECRONY “Pathological Performances” LP

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“Excavated, Eviscerated and Emaciated” is the best song for me in this delightfully head-stomping album.

The opening riff shocks most Necrony fans because the guitars are suddenly fatter, more bass and mid pounding, and the riff is just more intelligent and mature than their earlier recordings.

The tempo is flattening slow, it’s like being slow-fed to a grinder.

The lyrics are also more sophisticated, growing more Cannibal Corpse-style. There are a chock-full of memorable and complicated riffs that inspire and basically claim: “You don’t have to be complicated to be heavy!”

Something in this album is that you can never assume that you can expect what happens next.

Neck-tone pickup?


In a death/gore song?! It sounds blasphemous, but Necrony uses it in a really efficient and great way that makes it sound perfect!

Necrony’s full-length album, with longer, technically and musically improved musicianship, is probably their best.

Shame that they are unrecognized and don’t receive the credit they deserve.