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NECROPHOBIC “Satanic Blasphemies” LP

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For over thirty years of activity, Necrophobic are the undisputed legends of the death and black metal underground. Founded in 1989 by drummer Joakin Sterner, the Stockholm-based group has had a unique and fearless vision from the very beginning. She confirmed this efficiency with her legendary debut album “The Nocturnal Silence” from 1993. With “Satanic Blasphemies” the band reissues a compilation of demo tracks and also presents 2 songs that have never been released. The album is released in the format of 1 CD and 1 LP.


Side A
1. Slow Asphyxiation (Demo 1990)
2. Realm of Terror (Demo 1990)
3. Retaliation (Demo 1990)
4. Sacrificial Rites (Demo 1991)
5. Unholy Prophecies (Demo 1991)

Side B
1. Inborn Evil (Demo 1991)
2. Shadows of the Moon (EP 1992)
3. The Ancients Gate (EP 1992)
4. Father of Creation (EP 1992)
5. Infernal Souls (Rehearsal 1989)
6. Realm of Terror (Rehearsal Demo 1989)

A1 to A3 are from the “Slow Asphyxiation” Demo 1990, recorded at Studio Kuben, March 1990.
A4, A5, B1 are from the “Unholy Prophecies” Demo 1991, recorded at Sunlight Studio, April 1991.
B2 to B4 are from the “The Call” EP 1992, recorded at Sunlight Studio, January 1992.
B5 to B6 are from the “Realm Of Terror” rehearsal recorded on May 18th, 1989.

Hype sticker text:
“11 tracks/48 minutes, newly mastered by Dan Swanö and now featuring two previously unreleased rehearsal demo recordings. Incl. A2-sized cover artwork Poster On 180g heavy vinyl”