NINE ELEVEN “City Of Quartz” CD

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1. City Of Quartz
2. The New Shame Of Punk To Come
3. Take To Remake
4. Panem Et Circensens
5. Modern Soap Movie
6. The Quick And The Dead
7. White Trash Kids = Redneck Geeks
8. Sen
9. In Bed With Madonna
10. The Story Of Our Life

After two years, the French team presents us with their second full album. “City Of Quartz” consists of eleven premiere tracks in a climate of newschool hardcore with a melodic edge, but not without a claw.

The Polish edition includes a bonus five best tracks selected from the previous album “Use Your Disillusion”. The team has played concerts in our country many times, showing their abilities on stage. Playing for supporters: Have Heart, Bane, Champion, Comeback Kid or No Turning Back.