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PURE BEDLAM “Taking Shape” CD

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PURE BEDLAM is a brand-new musical project that in reality took almost 20 years to form. In 2001-2005 cousins Piotr Szopa (drums) and Adam Szopa (guitars) played together in a band which was soon joined by vocalist Wojciech Kałuża. The group was named Shapeless and for a while they generated some impressive local buzz. Unfortunately in 2005 Shapeless disbanded, with no official recordings ever seeing the light of day. Piotr went on to become a drummer in the local group The October Leaves, Wojciech moved to a different city where he joined the newly forming J. D. Overdrive, while Adam took a long break from music altogether. His hiatus didn’t last forever – in January of 2018 he debuted with his solo project In2Elements. On the project’s second album – “Cold”, released in 2019 – two songs featured guest vocals by Wojciech, who at that time was also involved with Mentor and Forge of Clouds (and later – Grieving and Las Trumien). In 2020 the idea emerged for three guys who long ago started their musical journey together to meet again for a brand-new endeavor. Along with The October Leaves bassist Kamil Rutkowski they formed Pure Bedlam. The title of their debut album – “Taking Shape” – is both a nod to their past and a declaration that the music they make together is just beginning to… take shape.
released September 3, 2021


Wojciech Kałuża – voc
Piotr Szopa – drums
Kamil Rutkowski – bass
Adam Szopa – guitar/keys

All music and lyrics by PURE BEDLAM
Instruments recorded @ Nebula Studio – May 2021
Vocals recorded by Rafał Łyszczarz @ NN Studio – June 2021
Mixed & mastered by Haldor Grunberg @ Satanic Audio
Cover photo by Małgorzata Kubacka-Kałuża
Layout by Wojciech Kałuża