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“On Ephemeral Substrates is my first self-written and self-produced material. It took me almost 3 years to work on it. I put incomparably more work into it than all the previous material of the bands I played in and I’m very happy with the result. A lot of people have asked I don’t know if I’m going to release this album on physical media. Finally, thanks to Arachnophobia Records, it’s possible!”

This is how its creator, Maciej Pasiński, who in the 1990s co-created one of the most influential and unusual Polish bands of that time, Sirrah, says about his album. Both the typical “Acme” in its style and the dynamic, bold and appreciated album “Did Tommorow Come?” are records that show Maciek Pasiński’s great compositional, performance and vocal artistry. “On Ephemeral Substrates” picks up where “Did Tommorow Come?” ends. The explosive mix of death metal and industrial is undoubtedly a worthy successor to Sirrah’s spirit, climate and courage.

The whole thing was recorded (with a small participation of guests), registered, mixed, mastered and graphically framed by one man, Maciek Pasiński.

Released as a six-panel digipack with a twenty-page insert.