RISE ABOVE DEAD “Ulro” LP (Eternal Dust)

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Eternal Dusk Edition

New line up started to write the fourth album inspired by Willam Blake’s mythology and visions. “ULRO” is the title. It is the kingdom created and run by one of the four Zoas that result from the division of the perfect primordial man, Albion. His name is Urizen and represents reason, in opposition to faith, but he is lacking the ability of understanding creativity, self-expression and open-mindness, being enchained to his own limits and burning in jealousy. Ulro is a dark world with no values, no ethics, a world of pain and constraints where inadequacy and anxiety about being accepted by others spread and the interests of the strongest prevail everything. It is the land of the leaving dead where false idols and abstractions are mistaken for primary and necessary needs. Ulro is the world we all live in and in which we fight every day to express ourselves and keep our ideas free.

Produced by Femore and Rise Above Dead – Recorded and mixed between December 2019 and January 2020 at Trai Studio Engineered by Femore and Fabio Intraina – Mastered by Magnus Lindberg, Stockholm, Sweden

Artwork and Layout by Solo Macello

ffo: cult of luna, russian circles, isis