SLAYER “Praying To Satan: Live” LP

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Fanbclub edition of Slayer – Live FM Broadcast Recorded At Le Zenith, Paris, France 22nd November 1991.

Slayer is one of those bands that I try to collect every bootleg for, no matter the quality. Thankfully this one sounds pretty good, granted it’s a little quiet. Still, it’s a live recording of Seasons-era Slayer. Can’t beat that shit. Plus, Tom’s cheesy on-stage banter is out in full force here.

This was released in 2019 by European bootleg label Mind Control Records, who have put out some mixed quality stuff. I have a Soundgarden boot by them that sounds great, and a Black Sabbath boot that starts digitally skipping about halfway through (I guess the CD that they sourced the audio from was fucked, ha!).

Label: Mind Control (5) – MIND701

A1 Hell Awaits/Antichrist
A2 War Ensemble
A3 South Of Heaven/Raining Blood/Altar Of Sacrifice/Jesus Saves
A4 Die By The Sword
B1 Dead Skin Mask
B2 Seasons In The Abyss
B3 Born Of Fire
B4 Chemical Warfare
B5 Mandatory Suicide
B6 Angel Of Death