STONE WITCH “Desert Oracle” LP (black seed)

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“Something wicked comes this way. Something ominous is afoot. Calamity lurks and the very spirit of malevolence will be here by the end of the day. So, the cartomancer speaks! The Stone Witch! The Desert Oracle! It evokes those lines with lo-fi, gritty, proto-doom and an ancient sounding ritual of skiving riffs, echoing rhythms and an intense granular sound… And then there’s the Dutchman…”
~Joop Konraad (Stoner HiVe)

– Poster A3
– 10 inch 12-pages booklet
– Band and Label stickers

1. Curse 06:00
2. Void of Form 04:54
3. Wizard’s Smoke 05:30
4. The Ark 03:45
5. Shadow 04:14
6. White Eye 07:29
7. Dutchman 04:48
8. Hollow Earth 03:50
9. Pillar of the Colossus 06:07

46:37 minutes of Stoner/Doom Psych-Rock Journey