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THE DOG “Avenge Us” LP + CD (red vinyl)

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100 black vinyl / 100 gold vinyl / 100 red vinyl
In addition to each vinyl, we give the “Avenge Us” CD version !!!

The Dog – polish hardcore weirdos – return with their new album called “Avenge Us”. They pushed their previous boundries even further adding more 90s metal, more rock, more experiments while still standing very close to their early fastcore/powerviolence influences. Now they sound like Life of Agony having an argue with Despise You after being haunted by the ghost of Peter Steele.

Their message is strongly anti-traditional and dedicated to all the ones that feel like they don’t belong anywhere. If you grew up watching MTV during pre- and post-Columbine era you’ll get the idea.

Album was recorded and mixed by Haldor Grunberg (Satanic Audio). Artur Rumiński (ARRM, Thaw, Furia) is featured in one of the tracks.