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TRANSCENDENCE “Towards Obscurities Beyond” LP

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Formed in 2013, TRANSCENDENCE have been a study in patience and perseverance. The band digitally released their first EP, Morbid Reality, in 2014 and was followed by the Altar of Disease demo later that year. Back then, TRANSCENDENCE maintained a more deathrashing sound, but after some lineup shuffling, they re-emerged in 2017 with the EP Hour of the Summoning, which BLOOD HARVEST released on cassette in early 2018. Here, the intensity was upratcheted further, thanks in part to a brand-new rhythm section consisting of Richard Guerrero, Christian Gonzalez and Michael Alvarez taking over the second guitar spot – buttressed, of course, by co-founders Miguel Perez (guitar) and Tom Patmore (vocals). With this edition, BLOOD HARVEST signed TRANSCENDENCE for the release of their imminent debut album.