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You Better Run or Silesia Hardcore Attack In Your Fucking Face!

A team of crew members from Ruda Śląska founded by former musicians, incl. WPZ, Pavlache, Trash … They have existed since 2013, have played a lot of concerts all over Poland, several tours, have released 3 materials on their own on CD, which, along with new songs from this year – sung for a change in Polish, we collected together and we spend on this vinyl. 30 tracks in total – short, fast, old school hardcore straight to the face …. Circulation only 150 pieces in total – Support the local scene and buy fast !!!!

black LP / 100

1. Dzielił Ich Mur
2. Czas Przemija
3. W Tej Nierównej Walce!
4. Intro
5. No Rules
6. Simple Lad
7. Faith, Pride And Traditions
8. Piec Of Shit
9. Pests
10. SXA Stomp
11. Tuff Guy
12. Brain Off!
13. Better Run Away
14. Time Is Running Out
15. By Myself
16. Fake Heroes
17. Meet Us Here
18. Locked Up
19. Wherever I Go
20. On A Leash
21. The Storm
22. S.I.D.
23. No Pain, No Gain
24. Just fine Now
25. Decision
26. Moves Not Plants
27. One Eye Closed
28. Why Don’t Toy Quit!?
29. You Better Run!
30. D.T.A.