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YOUDASH “Astrophobia” CD

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After many years of activity, recording two EPs, playing a series of concerts, the band achieved mastery in breaking barriers during the creative process. Words like “conventions”, “frames”, “styles”, “constraints”, “calculations” are irrelevant. Total, unfettered freedom in creating sounds. “Astrophobia” consists of eight tracks (7 original tracks + a surprising cover of Acid Drinkers featuring Uappa Terror from Terrordome) closed in about 38 minutes.

The author of the cover is Rafał Wechterowicz (who has worked with Machine Head, Slayer, Metallica, and Slash, among others), while Piotr Szafraniec / Archart Studio (cooperating with Trauma, Decapitated, Lost Soul) is responsible for the graphic design. Keyboard parts and samples recorded by VX the Mind Ripper known for his cooperation with such bands as Atrophia Red Sun, Naumachia and Thy Disease.

The album was recorded in Studio 67 under the supervision of Dominik Burzym (responsible for the sound of Mord’A’Stigmat or Atrophia Red Sun). The album is released as a CD packed in a standard jewel case + thick 16-page booklet + slipcase.

Recommendation for fans: Gorguts, Car Bomb, Gojira, Meshuggah, Dillinger Escape Plan, Naked City, Mr. Bungle.