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Product description

“II” marks the return of Madrid doomsters Misty Grey, and their first release with new vocalist Bea, who delivers a wider vocal range and a better quality output. Guitarwork shows a honest devotion for the classic Sabbathesque sound, rather than being a mere copycat or another contestant for the stupid heavier-than-thou competition that’s been flooding the Doom Metal scene for years. They may not have the thickest distortion out there but you don’t really need that if you can write such memorable bluesy riffs and catchy, ripping leads. Rhythm section gives a proper sense of heaviness with effective, twisting basslines and pounding drumming. A fresh lyrical concept, based on the works of legendary filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock, adds that thrilling feeling of intrigue of the Master of Suspense as the tension builds up through these nine tracks. About the production, it has a vintage quality without falling into any “retro” gimmick. All in all, it feels like Misty Grey “II” had been aged in a dusty oak barrel for decades, before Spanish labels Topillo Records and Vertebrae decided to pour its cursed doom upon us. Misty Grey don’t follow any trends or overused clichés as they live their passion for the Birmingham four their own way…”

– Poster A3
– Double-sided insert
– Band sticker

1. Spellbound 06:36
2. Strangers On A Train 04:27
3. Psycho 05:12
4. Rebecca 04:28
5. Frenzy 06:14
6. The Wrong Man 06:23
7. From Among The Dead 04:27

37:46 minutes of Psychodelic Sabbathic Ceremony with Angel Sings.