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Product description

*Marble Gold & Black Vinyl 180 grams, housed in gatefold LP-sleeve cover, two LP’s pressed in 45 RPM to get the best possible sound quality, comes with poster A3.

*Two Marble Gold & Black Vinyl Hand-Crafted in 45 RPM

„What else can I say? On Gold, Kult Of The Wizard delivers not only groovy and riff-laden traditional doom like nobody’s business, but also introspective and immersive musical epics with some true pathos. The future is bright and full of potential for a band like this…”

Kult Of The Wizard – Gold Review

„The first three tracks of Gold are straight Sabbath-worship and fairly standard for the male-backed stoner doom subgenre, but Roth’s vocals again elevate the experience. If you would like a bit of variation on classic Black Sabbath riffs, too damn bad…for now. But when “The Hollow” starts, Roth sings a slow moody line over sustained organ notes, giving a hint of the evolution to come. The melancholy introduced here never quite leaves, but it provides emotional catharsis throughout, instead of mere sadness…”

Kult Of The Wizard – Gold Review

– Gatefold Cover
– Band sticker

Track list:
Side A
1. Burn With The Light 4:06
2. I Dream In Gold 4:51
Side B
1. Lay My Head Down (Feel The Rush) 5:03
2. The Hollow 4:57
Side C
1. Beyond The Sea 4:26
2. Into The Void 8:51
Side D
1. My Home Is Fine 7:15
2. Queen Of Life & Death 5:02