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You’re about to be treated to a massive effort between two bands that labored through the fear, uncertainty, and grief of the 2020 pandemic and bared their soul in the process. It’s a record that’s vicious to the core, yet brilliant in its own right. Doomed & Stoned is pleased to give the world premiere of this ‘Split From The Isolation’ (2021) by Betlezeus and Ockultist from neighboring Sweden and Finland. For those of you who have been starving from lack of sludge in your diet, have I got a smorgasbord of wicked nourishment for you!

A1. Betelzeus – Shitborn 6:24
A2. Betelzeus – Paradise / Parasite 6:07
A3. Betelzeus – Deathcrush 3:18

B1. Ockultist – Contempt 8:08
B2. Ockultist – Ulcerous 9:16
B3. Ockultist – Fight Terror with Terror 2:48