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CONFUSE “1984-1985” LP

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Confuse was a noise punk hardcore band that started in Kyushu, Japan. They released a few records (‘Indignation,’ ‘Nuclear Addicts,’ ‘Contempt For The Authority And Take Off The Lie,’ ‘Atrocious Madness,’ and ‘Stupid Life’) throughout the time they were around. They started off with a really raw noise Discharge type style and then evolved into a bouncier, more melodic sound. Awesomely weirdly produced noise thrash that just tears out your eardrums. Definitely insane.

Format: Vinyl, Reissue, Unofficial Release
Country: Europe

SIDE 1: (‘Nuclear Addicts’ E.P.)
1. Indignation
2. People Are Nuclear Poisoning
3. Rebel & War
4. Hate (Is It War?)
5. No Victor
6. Disaster
7. The End…
8. Merciless Game (outtake from 1984 recording session)
SIDE 2: (‘Contempt For The Authority, And Take Off The Lie’ E.P.)
1. Fuckin’ Lovers
2. Abuse Of The State Power
3. Fight Against The Plutocrats
4. All Things Change Into The Fashion -Media-
5. Atrocious Madness (from ‘Jisatsu Omnibus’ comp)
6. Kill Time…. (from ‘Jisatsu Omnibus’ comp)
7. Hunger (from ‘Jisatsu Omnibus’ comp)