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CZERŃ “Zgliszcza” LP (Out now)

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One of the longest-announced by Arcadian Industry titles will finally be released. The debut album of the not so young band CZERŃ, will be released on vinyl with updated graphics in early September.

Debut full length of this Warsaw, Poland based metal/post-metal/sludge/hardcore band! The album “Zgliszcza” includes five songs which testify to the journey of Czerń and to how the band’s vision of music has been evolving. Every song is different, although they are all equally permeated with aggression and darkness. Alongside slower riffs, which connote sludge, on the record one will find a lots of fast sounds, loaded with black metal venom and death metal relentlessness. The sound of Zgliszcza is augmented by the deep, harsh growl of Łukasz. The intros were composed by Michał Głowacki (So Slow, Latające Pięści). Zgliszcza is all about darkness, captured in strong and challenging music. It’s the rigidity of hardcore, fuelled by balck metal strength and pure punk outlook on the world.

Limited edition of 205 copies on 180 grma black vinyl!!!