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ith this material, Inhalators makes it to the 1st League of Polish Punk Rock, and certainly its variety rooted in the sound of ’77. When was the last time you heard an album where every song is memorable and the chorus humming on its own in the brain completely out of control? Such is the debut album of Inhalators – the supergroup from Chotomów located near Warsaw.

The band includes former and current members of such bands as bilety Do Kontroli, PDS, Nowy Świat, Damrockers, Firenze, Royal Kids Of The 1977 …

The singer is fluent in many languages ​​- especially Polish, but also German, English, French and Spanish, although he speaks Kashub at home. In addition to numerous surprising quotes in the texts, you will also hear the Polish version of one of the hits of Radio Birdman.

FFO: Ramones, Bulbulators, Tickets To Control, Dickies, Simply, Ramesses & The Hooligans etc.

1. American Boy
2. Heart Attack
3. Sex Object
4. Girls In Ramoneski
5. Another Kind Of Dziad Punk
6. Marek Piernik
7. The Raven’s Shadow
8. New Kids On The Cock
9. Teenage Punk
10. I have no time
11. You Don’t Have You Here (Radio Birdman cover)
12. Merci Madame
13. 2263
14. Los Inhalatores