PSYCHONEUROSIS “The Fall Of Humanity” CD

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PSYCHONEUROSIS from Poland are grind veterans existing since 1991. On the first full length the band offers 20 intense old school grind songs that will appeal to all fans of AGATHOCLES, ROT, WARSORE, CRIPPLE BASTARDS, PHOBIA. Covert art by Mentalporn (BEHEMOTH, AZARATH, CALM HATCHERY, TRAUMA).

1. A New Chapter
2. Modern Technology
3. Strong Scene
4. Where Are We Heading
5. Authority
6. How Much Are You Worth
7. The Fall Of Humanity
8. I Want To Be Cool
9. Brexshit
10. GMO
11. Alone
12. I Am The Truth
13. How Much Longer
14. Give Hope
15. Pseudo Patriots
16. Weather Modification
17. Walls Of Shame
18. Nekrofile I Zajoby
19. Last Few Hours
20. Chrum Chrum Grind