THE BLACK THUNDER “Visions in Black” CD digipak

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“The album opens with an intro followed by a quick Bad Memories. The track catches my attention because on the one hand we have a bit southern-metal sound and vocals (think JD Overdrive), on the other hand the track is heavily based on fast hc / punk rhythms. to the fact that it’s hit and you have a really cool heavy metal number. The elements of the musical work that appear in Bad Memories are utilized by the band in different proportions in the rest of the songs. Sometimes it’s slower and more groove (think about JD all the time) Overdrive), these southern accretions sometimes accentuate (think of the Texas Hippie Coalition, for example, but if you keep thinking of JD Overdrive then you won’t be far either), but it all shows up one way or another in every song. what distinguishes The Black Thunder are those quick, simple riffs and rhythms straight from hc / punk, which – surprisingly – fit here like a glove to such an extent that it took some time to anim I found that in fact they are from a slightly different musical parish. ” – Kvlt Mag