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THE DOG “Body Finder” digipack CD

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Sometimes you need to stop and think for a while to redefine yourself and to understand that it’s often better to say “less” then “more”. When the guys from The Dog met on one of their first rehearsals at the beginning of 2020 this idea became a so called game changer for them. Despite their previous EP “Avenge Us” seeing the light of the day just a moment ago, they decided that it’s also the end of a progressive, metal-influenced era for the band. Instead, they’ve started exploring the area of primal pop/rock songwriting – verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus, the end of a song.

Body Finder sounds like Faith No More on skateboards released by a classic 90’s hardcore label Revelation Records. Adding Shelter’s spiritual vibe, Life of Agony’s melancholy and Take Offense weirdness to the pot, the band has made their new EP the most catchy and original effort so far. All of the songs on Body Finder, including The Cure’s cover, could easily find their way to the Tony Hawk Pro Skater soundtrack or MTV, being located somewhere between Deftones and Pennywise.

This is still hardcore, but written and arranged like pop music. The Dog is close to the most crucial modern hardcore bands as Turstile or Higher Power in their idea of creating and performing music. Hardcore with dub feeling – said Haldor Grunberg, the owner of Satanic Audio sound engineering and Body Finder’s producer.

“Body Finder” was recorded in December 2020 in Monochrome Studio by Ignacy Gruszecki. Haldor Grunberg of Satanic Audio was again responsible for mixing and mastering (also appearing on the single “Slow Walk”).

Limited edition of 300 copies in Digipack CD.

First single “SLOW WALK”:


Third singiel “SHAKE DOG SHAKE”: