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YOUTH OF TODAY “Breath Every Breath: Don Fury Demos & Live” LP

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Demo for “Break down the walls” recorded at Don Fury studios in 1986, raw versions of tracks from the album and some raisins (CroMags cover). On the other hand, 2 tracks from the compilation “Make it work” and a concert with CBGB in 1985.

fan club edition.

Don Fury Demos 1986
A1 Make A Change
A2 Together
A3 Thinking Straight
A4 Stabbed In The Back
A5 Break Down The Walls
A6 Honesty
A7 One Family
A8 Youth Of Today
A9 Free At Last
A10 Shout It
A11 Expectations
A12 Take A Stand
A13 We Must Might
A14 Positive Outlook
A15 I Have A Faith
Make It Work 7″ Compilation 1985
B1 Take a Stand
B2 We Just Might Fight
Live At CBGB´s 12/05/1985
B3 Expectations
B4 Crucial Times
B5 Can´t Close My Eyes
B6 We Just Might Fight
B7 Youth Of Today
B8 I Have Faith
B9 Stabbed In The Back
B10 Stand Hard
B11 One Family
B12 Youth Crew