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MISGUIDED “Condemnation” CD

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Misguided is a Polish metal/hardcore band known for their aggressive and intense sound. Their latest album, Condemnation, is a massive collection of songs that showcases the band’s musical growth and evolution. The album is filled with heavy riffs, pounding drums and intense vocals that convey a message of anger, frustration and hope. From the gripping opening track “The Cave” to the epic closing anthem “The Ticking Clock”, Misguided has produced a masterpiece that is sure to delight fans of the genre. Bezmiar, Maras (Dola) and Goddie make guest appearances on the album!!!

1. Negation (feat. Immensity)
2. The Cave
3. Day By Day
4. Unbroken
5. Walrus Meta Malorum
6. Nobody Is Safe
7. Nothing Changes (feat. Marek Przybyszewski)
8. To The Ground
9. Sanitation
11. The Ticking Clock
12. Escape (feat. goddie)

The instruments were recorded in November 2022 in Toruń at Dola HQ under the supervision of Przybysz and Emil. Vocals also in November, in Gdynia at TriHead Studio under the supervision of Próż.

Cover artwork by Philip Häveker.